New Salon Will Open on December 1st

Our new salon will open on December 1st!

After waiting patiently, we will be ready to start doing hair on Friday, December 1st!

We have been in City View Apartments for a long time. We are happy to say that we are expanding and moving to Nova Place!

Nova Place is an amazing development of businesses and restaurants. We are so happy to be included in their list of services.

Check out our previous blog post, it explains the directions and parking.

The salon will be almost twice the size of our current space! We’ve needed more room to spread out so we don’t keep bumping into each other!

Not only will the salon be better but we are continually learning about new techniques and products so we can be better.  We want to you to be thrilled with your hair, whether it’s a cut or some fancy balayaged ends!

Framesi is our color line and their shades are truly beautiful. The shine and condition of the hair is remarkable.  The CHI color line is our non ammonia color and is best for people who are sensitive to other color lines.

We will soon be introducing a new product line of hair care that you can take home! We are also expanding our existing lines so there will be choices for everyone!

We are planning a grand opening cocktail party on Thursday, December 7th!  It’s from 4-8pm. We’ll have some wine, food, guitar music from Ben Sherman and lots of samples and free gifts!

We are so excited to open the new salon, we can’t wait to show everyone.

Don’t forget! We open December 1st in our new location. Keep checking Facebook and our Website for other news.  Our phone number will be the same 412 471 9122. Please call or email us if you have any questions!


Our salon is relocating!

We’re getting ready for our salon relocating to NOVA Place!

You may have heard us talking about relocating the salon. 🙂 Well…it’s finally happening! I’ve been in our current location for a long, long time, it’s been so hard to think about leaving. But now, the salon has grown so much over the past 2 years that we are in need of more room and the salon could use a makeover! I’m thrilled that we are able to expand and be included in such a growing part of the city.

The above map I took from one of our new neighbors La Prima Espresso Co.   They are inside NOVA Place and have the best coffee ever! This map is on their business card and shows the layout of the area. We are the larger dot on the left or west side of the map. Thank you to La Prima for the map!

Let me tell you a few things about where we are going. NOVA Place is on the North Shore. It used to be Allegheny Center Mall. Old and new companies are thriving in this setting. We are thrilled to be included in such a vibrant community. It will be great to be in such a busy place where people live and work.

Our new address is 100 S Commons Suite 119 zip code 15212

Even though we are relocating, our phone number will be the same. 412 471 9122.

As soon as we have a confirmed date, we will start posting that everywhere! Many things have to happen still in order for us to be ready for business. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will be before the end of the year. I’ve been patient for this long, I can wait a little longer if we need to.

NOVA Place is a large rectangle building and is divided into the West Side, Center and East Side. The salon is on the West side of the bldg outside near the Children’s Museum and Aviary.

There are 3 levels of parking available under the bldg. There are Visitor Entrances on our 4 sides of the bldg. The 4 sides are S Commons, E Commons, N Commons and W Commons. Now it is a one way street all the way around. Eventually it will be 2 way traffic with a bike lane. There are more parking spaces added around the square on the street.

The salon is on the Plaza Level, West side. The elevators are in the middle or Central part of the parking levels. Take the elevator up to the Plaza level and turn left toward PNC Bank. Walk all the way to PNC Bank and exit the bldg on the right. The salon is just outside these doors.

You can access the salon from the outside as well if you happen to park on the street. The street parking is $1 per hour and free after 6pm.

Children’s Way is a side street within the square and leads to the Children’s Museum. That street has a set of stairs that lead right up to the salon.

We’ll have more info to come as the opening gets closer! 🙂 We hope to see you in our new, beautiful salon!


Lice don’t belong in your home!

Lice don’t belong in your home! I don’t even want to put a picture of them here!  Lice are the size of a sesame seed and cling to the base of the hair at the scalp. They produce a sticky substance that just can’t be shampooed away. Kids will itch and scratch if they are infected.

It’s that time of year and if you have kids in school you know all about lice.  My good friend has 3 kids in elementary school. Throughout the year she will get emails from the school that there has been a case of lice and she should check her kids. She knows that prevention is better that trying to get rid of them once they are in your home.

Joanna told me about Fairy Tales products.  You can order them on Amazon or get them at Target and other stores like that.  If you have kids in school, you need to add this to your morning routine! Fairy Tales products have rosemary as an ingredient and it’s a natural repellent. There is a shampoo and a conditioner.  The leave-in conditioner can be sprayed on their dry hair in the morning before they go to school as an extra line of defense!

Lice crawl and can spread to everything.  They do not hop or fly. I always get a little itchy just talking about it!  🙂   Bedding, clothing, stuffed animals, coats, and even your furniture must be thoroughly cleaned.

This is the treatment once you notice that lice are living on the hair strands of your kids. There is a special comb that helps remove the lice and their eggs. Treatments are easy to use.  It’s always best to have them on hand so you can attack this problem right away!



Sulfate-Free Shampoos with no Suds!

Sulfate-Free products are a benefit to almost everyone once in awhile. Mostly used for curly, dry hair, highlighted and over-processed hair can benefit from gentle cleansing.

Image result for deva products

Most shampoos are Sulfate-Free now.  Over shampooing your hair can cause lots of troubles.  It can make your hair dry and take away the shine. It can make curly hair more dry and frizzy. Many clients are trying to not shampoo as frequently as they have. Shampoos that are not sulfate-free can remove your Brazilian Blowout, your color and especially semi-permanent color.

DevaCurl is a product line that is 100% sulfate, paraben and silicone free. DevaCurl Products are specifically designed for the curly haired girls.  Although I have straight hair, I do like the moisturizing feeling it gives my hair.  I just can’t use it very often. There are 4 different strengths.  No-Poo Shampoo and Conditioner is very creamy and doesn’t have any suds at all.  The LO-Poo has a low amount of suds if you have fine, thin hair that can get weighed down and needs a little cleansing. They have a Light formula if you have fine, curly hair that is healthy.  The Decadence line is for super curly, dry hair that needs maximum moisture.

DevaCurl has a whole line of styling products as well to maintain your curls or keep them hydrated if you are straightening. The DevaCurl Light Defining Gel is great to keep your curls under control. While in the shower after cleansing and conditioning, with hair still wet, add the gel. Squeeze the gel into the curls and let air dry.  The gel will dry a little firm. After your hair is dry, you can break up the strong gel feel to get the lived in soft curls.

DevaCurl has lots of tips, other products and videos showing the proper way to use their products. 

Hair Extensions for Everyone

Hair Extensions for Everyone!  Who wouldn’t like a little more hair!  If your hair is fine and thin and won’t grow long, you can do something about it. Extensions can give you fullness and length. This is Shelley and she’s wanted more hair her whole life!  When Shelley saw our tape-in hair pieces from Cinderella it was like Christmas morning! She couldn’t wait to try some new hair. The extensions take about 5 days to special order, so we had to be a little patient. 🙂


These are 22 inch long human hair extensions.  They come in several colors, lengths and textures.  Shelley has multi-dimensional, wavy hair.  We choose 2 colors in a wavy texture and it matched perfectly with her own hair.

The Tape-in hair pieces last about 3-4 months.  They can be reused 2 to 3 times.  They are easy to remove. A little solution is applied to the tape and it loosens the adhesive.  This is the best method for preserving the health of your own hair. Many other extensions can pull out hair and even leave bare spots on your scalp. The hair is shampooed, dried and a new tape strip is applied.

Shelley wanted all over length and fullness.  We used 4 packs of extensions. That’s 40 pieces.  Two strips of hair extensions are sandwiched over a fine section of your own hair.   The strip of tape is very flat so they are very comfortable.  You can shampoo and condition like normal. There is a special loop brush that won’t pull on the extension.  You should also refrain from using any oily products or serums.

Shelley would’ve loved to keep all of that length! We trimmed the extensions to a more believable, manageable length. Now Shelley has the hair she’s always wanted.  She can curl or straighten her new hair just like she would her natural hair. Shelley was all smiles for days with her new hair! We’re so happy for her!