Beautiful Brows for Everyone!

Brows for Everyone!  Eyebrows can really make or break your whole look.  Eyebrows are such a distinct part of your face.  Without them your face loses all dimension and expression.  Eyebrows come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

There is a correct way to groom your brows to make the most of your features.  There are many little, easy tricks to filling them in and coloring them so that they are more noticeable.  Some brows need to be less noticeable! 🙂

It Cosmetics makes the best pencil to fill in your brows!

This is the best brow pencil, The Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil.  I received it as a gift and didn’t think I needed it.  I tried it and I can’t believe the difference! I can’t go without it now! It fills in just a little or alot wherever you need it.  Eyebrows are never perfect and rarely the same. This pencil helps even the brows out.  We’ve always said “Your eyebrows are sisters not twins!”

Here are some tips right from It Cosmetics website for using the Brow Power pencil.

  • Apply softer strokes for lighter hair colors including blonde and silver, and press harder for darker tones including brown and black. As a finishing touch, lightly brush the built-in spooley brush through your brows for a natural, polished look.
  • To create your most perfect-looking brows, follow these easy-to-remember tips: (1) The start of your brow should line up directly with the edge of your nose; (2) Your brow arch should align to the outer edge of your iris, and (3) The end of your brow should line up with the outer corner of your eye!


We are adding more services for your eyebrows to the salon.  We can help you design the perfect shape, tint them a gorgeous color and maintain them for you. Check out our website for a list of details and prices for Beautiful Brows!

A Bridal Trial is so Important!

This is an example of what a bridal trial looks like!  We tried up and down and all around, and finally found the one!

Bridal Trial

It’s so important to us that your wedding day is perfect. We are responsible for your hair that day and we take it very seriously! A bridal hair trial is super important.  You want to look back at photos and remember every detail and hair is a big one!

We recommend a trial as soon as possible. We suggest sooner rather than later! It’s good to know if you will like what we do. If you don’t like what we do, you’ll need to find someone else. Hairstylists book quickly for weddings so it’s good to plan early. We’re taking weddings for next fall already!

Pinterest is great for ideas!   Just start looking and pin everything that you may want to try. Some brides know for certain the way they want their hair, whether they like their hair up or down. It depends on the style of your dress as well. You may want to show off details on the back or it may have a high neckline. Hair can be adjusted around all of these details.

I like to start a trial looking through your photos and talking about what you like and don’t like. The front of your hair is the most important and hardest part to decide on. We try several ways and eventually one them will be just perfect.

A trial usually takes about an hour. You should arrive with dry hair. At this time we can discuss the best way to prepare your hair for the big day.

Normally, I curl all of the hair first to get some texture. It’s a great time to see if you like your hair down and curly. Next, we try half up/half down. Then we can try a bun. The bun can be centered or to one side, high or low, big or small, smooth or detailed. Recently, we’ve had several brides wear their hair down and curly. Some are doing very high, big, full buns. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and like yourself! The trial is the best way to figure this out!

Stand up Straight for better Posture!

Good/Bad Posture

Image result for good postureImage result for good postureImage result for good posture

I’m sure you’ve all had someone say to you “Stand up straight!”   My friends mother would make her stand against the wall for 5 minutes whenever she was caught slouching!

It’s so easy to just relax and slouch down to a little ball. Especially if you sit for long periods of time at a computer or stand while you preform tasks. Now more than ever, we are staring down at some kind of device!

My posture has become horrible!  I don’t even realize I’m not standing up straight until I catch myself in the mirror or in a photo.  My back, neck and shoulders really feel the effects after a long week.  I thought I need to have help reminding myself to stand up straight!

After I read so many articles about posture, it seems that good posture not only looks better but it’s better for your overall health. Good posture improves your breathing, your lungs have more room to expand to so you get more oxygen. More oxygen leads to a better memory, better learning and improved mood. This power stance help some overcome anxiety. The other benefit is that you look taller, slimmer and younger!  Win, Win, Win!  Proper posture keeps your bones and joints in correct alignment so muscles and ligaments are used properly. Bad posture can wear out joints quickly and causes lots of pain in your neck and back. Your spine can also become fixed in an abnormal position.

I didn’t want to wear an uncomfortable brace so luckily I found the LUMO Lift from Body Tech.   It’s a little device that you attach to your clothes below your collarbone. It’s magnetic so it doesn’t put holes in your clothes. They give you a black and silver button to match most clothes. You can purchase additional buttons in different colors and one even looks like a ruby. It gives a little vibration when you are not in the correct position.

Image result for Lumo Lift

It’s connected to an app you download on your phone. When I started to order the device, the total was $99 but when you go to checkout it’s $79!  It stays charged for about 5 days. The app is great at keeping track of your progress. The LUMO Lift also counts your steps and calories burned for the day too! I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and I am doing better even when I forget to wear it!


Naturally Curly or Straight Hair Up-do

We love naturally curly hair for up-dos! It has so much texture and body already!

Naturally curly or straightened hair? It’s hard to decide on one style for your wedding. There are so many choices!  Up, down, half up, curly or smooth, to the side, braids, bun, chignons or twists!  You could look at a million pics of brides and updos and still not be sure what you’d like.

It’s very important to do a trial before the wedding so you can make sure you like the style you’ve chosen. Some styles look great in photos but when you try it on yourself it’s not quite the same.  You should feel comfortable and feel like yourself with the style you’ve picked.

This pretty bride has naturally curly hair.  Initially, she thought that she’d like her hair straightened and then styled up.  As you can see in the photos her hair did straighten very well.

I notice that many brides feel that if they have curly hair everyday that straight hair is more dressy for them because it’s something they don’t do all the time. If a bride has naturally straight hair, then curly or wavy and textured is dressy for them.

This bride tried both.  Glad we did…because she liked the curly style better.  It felt and looked more like her.

So many styles look different just because of the texture of your hair.  This is the same up-do done on two kinds of hair. One curly and one straight.  Curly hair has more movement and volume. It’s best to make sure that your curls are not frizzy or dry.  There are lots of products that help curly hair to remain calm and still be full. Straight hair can be teased fuller but will look smooth. It’s just about what you like the most!




Self Tanning Secrets

Here are some self tanning secrets! We all are a little nervous showing our white arms and legs this time of year! It would be nice to have a little color right away. It just makes your skin look better, you don’t notice all the little veins.  A client once told me that tan fat is better than white fat! Hahaha    This is St. Tropez Tanning Products and everyone seems to love them.
Image result for st tropez tanning
It’s tempting to dive right in and use a self tanner. They can be tricky but if you have a few tips for the application process you will be so much better off.
It’s best to EXFOLIATE your skin first. Dry skin usually is in patches and can tan darker than smoother skin. It’s best to use a loofah or scrub all over your body first to get your skin as smooth as possible.
It’s best to have MOISTURIZED skin as well. If your skin is moisturized it will be smoother and will take the color more evenly. Use a great moisturizer all over your skin before applying the tanning product. Continue to use a moisturizer after your tan to get more days out of your color.
It’s best to apply the tanner in SECTIONS and really RUB it in. Rub until you think you’re done and rub it in some more.
Be careful around your knees, ankles and elbows, these areas are always dryer and take color a lot faster. Some say to add a little moisturizer to the tanning lotions when applying to these parts of your body.
Always make sure you WASH YOUR HANDS frequently in between sections of your body. In between your fingers can get pretty dark really fast. Use gloves if you have them. Apply tanner on your hands last. And rub, rub, rub.
It’s best to let the tanner dry really well. If you can forego clothing for a while it’s always best. Some directions say 20 minutes but an hour is really best.
Each self tanner is different so follow their directions. Some will say to wash after applying and some say don’t. Most of the time you layer the tan on, so you can get darker with every application.
Avoid using scrubs after applying your tanner. That will take off layers of color and your tan will fade quicker.
Always remember to use sunscreen when out in the sun. Even though you appear to have color you do not have any barrier for the suns rays.