Naturally Curly or Straight Hair Up-do

We love naturally curly hair for up-dos! It has so much texture and body already!

Naturally curly or straightened hair? It’s hard to decide on one style for your wedding. There are so many choices!  Up, down, half up, curly or smooth, to the side, braids, bun, chignons or twists!  You could look at a million pics of brides and updos and still not be sure what you’d like.

It’s very important to do a trial before the wedding so you can make sure you like the style you’ve chosen. Some styles look great in photos but when you try it on yourself it’s not quite the same.  You should feel comfortable and feel like yourself with the style you’ve picked.

This pretty bride has naturally curly hair.  Initially, she thought that she’d like her hair straightened and then styled up.  As you can see in the photos her hair did straighten very well.

I notice that many brides feel that if they have curly hair everyday that straight hair is more dressy for them because it’s something they don’t do all the time. If a bride has naturally straight hair, then curly or wavy and textured is dressy for them.

This bride tried both.  Glad we did…because she liked the curly style better.  It felt and looked more like her.

So many styles look different just because of the texture of your hair.  This is the same up-do done on two kinds of hair. One curly and one straight.  Curly hair has more movement and volume. It’s best to make sure that your curls are not frizzy or dry.  There are lots of products that help curly hair to remain calm and still be full. Straight hair can be teased fuller but will look smooth. It’s just about what you like the most!




Self Tanning Secrets

Here are some self tanning secrets! We all are a little nervous showing our white arms and legs this time of year! It would be nice to have a little color right away. It just makes your skin look better, you don’t notice all the little veins.  A client once told me that tan fat is better than white fat! Hahaha    This is St. Tropez Tanning Products and everyone seems to love them.
Image result for st tropez tanning
It’s tempting to dive right in and use a self tanner. They can be tricky but if you have a few tips for the application process you will be so much better off.
It’s best to EXFOLIATE your skin first. Dry skin usually is in patches and can tan darker than smoother skin. It’s best to use a loofah or scrub all over your body first to get your skin as smooth as possible.
It’s best to have MOISTURIZED skin as well. If your skin is moisturized it will be smoother and will take the color more evenly. Use a great moisturizer all over your skin before applying the tanning product. Continue to use a moisturizer after your tan to get more days out of your color.
It’s best to apply the tanner in SECTIONS and really RUB it in. Rub until you think you’re done and rub it in some more.
Be careful around your knees, ankles and elbows, these areas are always dryer and take color a lot faster. Some say to add a little moisturizer to the tanning lotions when applying to these parts of your body.
Always make sure you WASH YOUR HANDS frequently in between sections of your body. In between your fingers can get pretty dark really fast. Use gloves if you have them. Apply tanner on your hands last. And rub, rub, rub.
It’s best to let the tanner dry really well. If you can forego clothing for a while it’s always best. Some directions say 20 minutes but an hour is really best.
Each self tanner is different so follow their directions. Some will say to wash after applying and some say don’t. Most of the time you layer the tan on, so you can get darker with every application.
Avoid using scrubs after applying your tanner. That will take off layers of color and your tan will fade quicker.
Always remember to use sunscreen when out in the sun. Even though you appear to have color you do not have any barrier for the suns rays.

Filtered Photos are Deceiving!

Filtered photos are deceiving!  Shannon, our new stylist founds these photos and wanted to show everyone the deception that is on the internet. The following is her blog post of what she found!

Ever just get bored with your hair color and start internet searching for a new fun shade?! Ever find a picture that you fell in love with?! Well that picture could be a big, ole, fat LIE! Take these pictures for example:

These are extreme examples. Photos can be photo-shopped to look very different than reality.  There are lots of filters and color options for photos.  Hair looks different because of the lighting! Inside and outside the lighting will change the color dramatically. Hair can be made to look so different. So different that the colors can be difficult or even impossible to achieve in reality.

I know these colors may not be for every one but these are a perfect examples on how pictures are filtered and altered in the internet world. This fun, aquatic blue and purple look can be achieved but you are going to have to pay some big bucks to get it.

Also, the reality is you may not get these styles in one visit to the salon. Why? Well, first it all depends on the level and condition of your hair. Its difficult to pre-lighten someone with “black or dark brown hair” that is color treated (get an in more depth explanation in our November 9, 2016 blog, Colorful Hair is Beautiful)  After lightening the hair,  it’s time for the fun colors and then styling. So overall you are going to be paying for two color processes (maybe even more depending on how light you need to go), a haircut if desired, and styling. Also, if you are going for these fun and bright colors they fade very fast and are hard to keep vibrant in the hair.

Try to keep your expectations realistic. A thorough consultation is a must for every color!  We will try everything in our power to give you the perfect color!

Shannon Grady


Brown to Blonde- It’s a Process!

It’s a Process!  Getting your hair from dark to blonde does not come easy!  Shannon had permanent dark hair color roots to ends. We wanted to do a blonde balayage with heavy blonde ends. March 31st was our first session.  The first day we lightened her hair twice, an hour each time. After that day we gave her hair a break of about 7-9 days between lightenings. Today, April 18th was our last session.  I think for now this is as much as Shannon’s hair can take!

4 separate salon sessions!

Each of the 4 processes took about an hour and a half.  We used lightener and waited an hour for each session. We used Olaplex, which protects the hair in extreme lightening conditions.  Over the 3 weeks, Shannon conditioned her hair, used a bluing shampoo to tone down the gold and used as little heat as possible.  Lightening just one time will take moisture out of the hair and after 4 times it really can do a number on your strands.  It’s not good to have blonde ends if they are like fried straw and break off!

I wish I could say that we could do this process in one visit and like magic your hair is the perfect shade of blonde.  It just doesn’t work like that! There is chemistry and limits and lots of things happening to the hair that we can’t control!  We especially don’t want to comprise the health and integrity of the hair.


This is a perfect example of filtered looks.  The photo on the left is Shannon in the salon, under lights that make her hair appear more gold than it actually does.  I wish you could see it in person!  The camera just doesn’t capture the true look.  The photo on the right is filtered.   So many times you will see a photo with color that you love but chances are it has been altered.  It can be very misleading and give you the wrong expectations.

Charcoal is a miracle cleanser!

Charcoal as a cleanser?  How can something so black and dirty help clean your skin and hair!?  Charcoal is turning up in everything from face scrubs to toothpaste. Apparently it’s an amazing natural absorbent of oils and toxins! It’s a great way to purify and cleanse your body, inside and out!

It turns out that activated charcoal is an amazing natural ingredient that absorbs oil. Used in masques and face scrubs it really gives a deep cleaning.

Charcoal is used in an activated form that has gone through a steaming process to make it 2 to 3 more times effective as regular charcoal. Activated charcoal powder can be purchased for about $22 per pound online. The powdery substance is very light so you get a lot of product in a pound.  The powder can stain bathroom grout and fixtures, so be very careful how you handle it.

It has been used medically in hospitals to absorb poisons that have been ingested. It can be used at home daily mixed with water to settle lots of stomach and intestinal problems. It can even be used on insect bites!

The benefits go one for a long list. I was so surprised to find all of the problems that charcoal can alleviate or totally get rid of. Here is a link to Dr. Axe website and his article talks about all of the benefits and risks.

Now it seems that it also is making it’s way to beauty products!  Used in products for hair, skin and teeth this black substance will clean and remove unwanted oils and stains. In toothpaste it’s supposed make your teeth whiter! The toothpaste suds may look a little black and scary, but but once you rinse, surprise! new whiter teeth.

It can be purchased already in a product or it can be purchased as a powder and added to your favorite cleansers like shampoo! In shampoo it will get rid of all of the excess oils that can weigh your down!