Tape-In Extensions

These are the most beautiful hair extensions available.  They are from Cinderella Hair.  Reheem wanted thicker fuller, hair and choose wavy 22 inch tape in hair extensions.  Harbor shampooed and prepared her hair and placed the 30 human hair pieces throughout Reheem’s hair. She choose 2 colors, one similar to her hair and the other a couple shades lighter.

The outcome is amazing!   In about 3 months Reheem will return to the salon where the extension can be removed and replaced.  The hair grows and can start to tangle, so removal is necessary to keep the hair healthy. Extensions are also a great way to add highlights to your hair.  If your hair is very dark you can easily get blonde, red or the perfect caramel color added in about an hour or so. A consultation is necessary to choice the right color and length for your style.  The hair extensions take about 5 days to be shipped to the salon.