Happy 35th OPI!

screenshot_2016-06-12-20-36-17This is “Not Really A Waitress”. It was one of the shades from the Fall/Winter Hollywood Collection 1999. It is OPI’s number one most popular color of all time!  We love getting each new collection in the salon and can’t wait to read their names.  A special OPI team sits in a conference room for 6-8 hours to come up with special names for the collection.  They start with a region or city and brainstorm over maps, pictures and even eating the area’s authentic food.   My favorite nail color is “Florida Flamingo” which was discontinued years ago. 🙁    If you have a favorite color and would like to use it on your walls at home,  Ace Hardware carries Clark + Kensington paint colors in the most popular OPI colors!  What’s your favorite color?