Which Curling Iron is Best?

Which Curling Iron is best?  What size? What kind? There are so many choices!  Hot Tools is our favorite brand that we’ve used in the salon and for all of our weddings.  They last through hours of on time and never give up.

I like them because the have a temperature dial.  You can choose 1 through 10.  10 is super hot.  It’s always best to start low and work your way up.  These curling irons get so hot that you can actually burn your hair off!

I like the 1 1/4 inch barrel.  This is the iron I use the most for curls and the curls for my up dos. This size is so versatile.  If you only want one iron, this is it.  The size of the curl depends on how much hair is in your section, how long you leave your hair in, and what number setting it’s on.  You can even straighten your hair by pulling your section though the iron and not twisting it. You can even twist the hair around the iron like the wand.  You just don’t use the clamp.

Most retail curling irons have a spring that clamps down on the hair.  Marcel Irons do not have a spring so the hair slides through easier for different styling techniques.  It’s harder to learn because you need to keep pressure on the clamp to keep it closed.  It’s so worth it to learn how to use the Marcel though.   I always say practice with the iron off so you don’t burn yourself.

The Wand is a great curling iron.  It’s a cone shape without a clamp to hold the hair.  You can change the size of the curl by how much hair you take in a section.  Start winding your hair at the wide part and spiral your hair down to the pointed tip.  You hold the smallest amount of hair in your fingertips so you don’t burn yourself.  Some irons come with a glove to protect your fingers from the heat. The curl is very different from the traditional curling irons. You get more of a beachy wave look.  Smaller sections will give you bouncy, spirally curls.

There are so many options for irons.   Practice does make perfect, so be patient and give them a try!