Naturally Curly Hair

Naturally Curly Hair can be a challenge.  The curl changes as you get older, it changes with the weather, and even changes from morning to night.  Once you think you have it figured out it changes again. Many girls are now embracing their curls and enhancing them instead of pulling them out straight.

Naturally Curly hair usually is very dry and can easily become frizzy. The best approach to curly hair is to do as little as possible.  It needs lots of conditioner and a good styling product.  It’s best to leave it wet and almost dripping, apply your products and don’t touch it again.  It’s best to air dry if you can.  Use as little heat as possible.

Most people eventually find the right formula to master their hair. Over time trying different products and drying techniques you will find the right balance of fullness without frizz. Sometimes the slightest change in your routine will help the curls, so be patient and try different products and methods.

There are about a million products for curly hair.  Some of the ones we’ve liked are Curly Sexy Hair and Moroccan Oil.  They both have, like other lines, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and many styling products. Lots of curly hair clients like the John Frieda product line for their hair.

Never brush your curly hair.  It’s best to shampoo, condition and wrap in a towel loosely.  Remove towel and let hair drip dry. Many curly girls don’t do anything else.   Others will use a wide tooth comb and untangle the ends.  Apply your favorite product and then let it dry.

If you feel like you need to dry your hair, a diffuser is an appliance added on to your dryer.  It slows the air down so that you don’t get a strong force.  The diffuser radiates the heat of the dryer over the curls to dry not blowing hard to disturb them.

Naturally curly hair can be so beautiful and so individual to you!