Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be a scary, stressful occurrence. There are many reason for hair loss.  There is the natural process of aging and heredity that causes hair loss.  There are also other outside factors that can cause hair loss like stress, poor eating habits, illness or medications.

It’s always a good idea to have a doctor give you a checkup and check your blood levels to see if there are any reasons for extreme hair loss.  Natural shedding of 80-100 hair a day is considered normal.

Thinning hair from outside factors can be improved once the existing problem is identified and proper steps taken to stop the hair loss.

Hair loss from heredity and aging can be helped by cleansing and nourishing the scalp. Hair loss in this case is caused by a toxin that builds up on the scalp. Eventually the toxin covers the scalp so much that it diminishes the hair until it can’t break through the surface of the scalp. The toxin can be removed from the scalp with special cleansers and then conditioners and treatments to improve the health of the scalp.

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Nioxin is a product line dedicated to the nourishment of the scalp.  The shampoo is designed to thoroughly remove that toxin from the scalp so that hair can continue to grow. The conditioner, Scalp Therapy stimulates the nerves that help hair to appear thicker and fuller.  The third step is the Treatment.  It is applied and left on the scalp to stimulate the blood flow to the follicles so that the hair will grow. is an amazing website that gives lots of helpful information so that you can better understand the benefits of their product.  The link is below. They have done scientific studies that show the benefits of proper scalp care to continue good healthy hair growth.  It is always best to start the system at the initial steps of hair loss. The benefits are noticeable after 3 months of using the products.  Hair loss that has already happened may take longer to rejuvenate and may not come back at all.|dc_48522504697_e_nioxin&gclid=CMTwq77n7s4CFRAdgQod1_QCfA