Salon Update

Latest Salon Update


We can finally give another salon update!  Here is a photo of our new salon storefront!  They replaced the bricks with glass and gave us double doors.  I’m guessing the wood with be replaced by glass eventually. Thank you to my friend Kathy for taking the photo and sending it to me.  Kathy lives right around the corner and has a wonderful art store at Nova Place.

The builders are waiting for the permits to come in before they can start construction.  Once they have the ok to go ahead it should take only 6-8 weeks.

They should be finished late November or early December.  I’ve been told that it would be ok to wait until the new year.  I’m hoping our opening date will be January 1st!  It’s a great way to start the New Year!

Construction plans always change and delays happen so don’t hold me to any of these dates.  This is what we hope will happen.  More salon updates will follow.  I can’t wait to have more photos of the inside work once it starts.

The salon is going to be part of Nova Place.  This building used to be Allegheny Center Mall.  Nova Place is a 30 acre development located on the North Shore. They house many businesses new and old.  There is a brand new gym, Union Fitness, opening soon.   We are excited to see what is added next.

The address is 100 S. Commons, 15212.  There is parking in the lower levels of Nova Place.  There are parking garage entrances all around the one way square.  We are on the West side, close to the Children’s Museum.  There is a small street called Children’s Way that has some street parking and is the closest spots to the salon.  There are also street parking spots all around the square.

We will have lots more salon updates in the coming weeks.  Check out our Facebook page for the latest news.