Itchy, Irritated Scalp

This time of the year, an itchy, irritated scalp has to go!  The skin on the rest of our body is getting dry so it makes sense that your scalp skin will get dry as well. We’re good about using body and hand cream but your scalp could use some love too! Some scalps can feel like they are burning, prickling, or itchy and tight.

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It’s nice to find out why your scalp is causing some discomfort. Your scalp can have dandruff , just be dry or maybe you’re just sensitive. Using a sulfate free and fragrance free shampoo will take care of most scalp issues.  Dandruff is an all together different thing caused by a fungus and comes with intense itching and flakiness.

The scalp has more blood vessels than any other part of our body and each hair follicle has 4 different types of nerve endings.The smallest change can be noticed.  It’s good to take care of the issues before they get worse.  The scalp does have a normal exfoliating process to get rid of the natural oils that can build up on the scalp causing trouble.  The problem is that the scalp will exfoliate too much or not enough.

Dry scalp just needs more moisture to keep the normal exfoliating process from being itchy or flaky. Moroccan Oil hair products makes a Dry Scalp Treatment that puts the moisture back into your skin. It’s best to use warm water, not hot when shampooing and don’t use the hairdryer too close to your scalp.

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Sensitive and dry scalps can benefit from using Nioxin Shampoos and Conditioners that sooth and calm the scalp with a minty freshness.

Dandruff can benefit from Biolage Scalp Sync shampoo. It uses pyrithione zinc to relieve the scalp irritation. It’s safe for color treated hair as well.

If none of things are helping your irritated scalp, a trip to your physician or dermatologist is necessary.  They can prescribe medicines that can clear things up.