Shampooing and conditioning correctly.

Shampoo Tips
Add water to your shampoo to make it more sudsy!

Am I shampooing and conditioning correctly?  Seems like something we all do and it’s easy to do incorrectly. Using the right shampoo and conditioner makes all the difference.  It can be just trial and error to find the best combination of products for your hair because you want your hair to be balanced and hydrated but not weighed down.
Once you’ve found your favorite products, let’s make sure you’re using them

Shampooing Correctly

Soak your hair with lots of water. Use lukewarm to cool water especially if you have color treated hair. Place a small amount of shampoo in your palm and add water because most products are concentrated so you need only a little bit.  It will last you a long time! Concentrate on cleaning your scalp, all over the top, sides and nape area.  If you have thick hair it can be challenging to get to your scalp! Rinse really well! If you use products to style it can be necessary to shampoo twice.  The first will remove the product buildup and then the second will make sure that your hair and scalp are squeaky clean.

Conditioning Correctly

Most of us will find that using a conditioner will help our hair be at it’s best.  Avoid your scalp, unless it’s a scalp healing product. Use conditioner about 3 inches from scalp all the way to the ends.  Leave on a few minutes so that is can absorb and do it’s job of filing in the cuticle. I’m not a fan of combing it through your hair in the shower because that can pull and snap hair causing split broken pieces. It will do the job just using your fingers.  If your hair is fine and gets weighed down by conditioners, just use on the ends and rinse out quickly. Even fine hair can use protection from conditioners. In the winter especially, conditioners will calm down static. Rinse really well again with lukewarm water.  Hot water can dry your scalp and cause irritation.

Styling Tips

Wrap hair gently in a towel or t shirt. Never rub your hair or scalp roughly with the towel because this can cause more breakage and fizziness. If your hair tangles easily, it’s best to use a spray detangler on the midshaft and ends.  Leave on a few minutes before using a wide tooth comb or pic. Starting at the bottom of the hair strands and working up untangle your hair. Starting at the top of your head just tangles the knots together.  I’m also not a fan of using a brush on wet hair. Again it can cause breakage. If your brush has a lot of hair in it that’s a sign that it’s pulling too much hair out.
Let your hair air dry a little to  minimize the heat damage.  Use your favorite styling tools!

Shampooing and conditioning correctly over time will improve the health and shine of your hair, I promise!

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