Author: Brooke Rockwell

Shampooing and conditioning correctly.

Shampoo Tips
Add water to your shampoo to make it more sudsy!

Am I shampooing and conditioning correctly?  Seems like something we all do and it’s easy to do incorrectly. Using the right shampoo and conditioner makes all the difference.  It can be just trial and error to find the best combination of products for your hair because you want your hair to be balanced and hydrated but not weighed down.
Once you’ve found your favorite products, let’s make sure you’re using them

Shampooing Correctly

Soak your hair with lots of water. Use lukewarm to cool water especially if you have color treated hair. Place a small amount of shampoo in your palm and add water because most products are concentrated so you need only a little bit.  It will last you a long time! Concentrate on cleaning your scalp, all over the top, sides and nape area.  If you have thick hair it can be challenging to get to your scalp! Rinse really well! If you use products to style it can be necessary to shampoo twice.  The first will remove the product buildup and then the second will make sure that your hair and scalp are squeaky clean.

Conditioning Correctly

Most of us will find that using a conditioner will help our hair be at it’s best.  Avoid your scalp, unless it’s a scalp healing product. Use conditioner about 3 inches from scalp all the way to the ends.  Leave on a few minutes so that is can absorb and do it’s job of filing in the cuticle. I’m not a fan of combing it through your hair in the shower because that can pull and snap hair causing split broken pieces. It will do the job just using your fingers.  If your hair is fine and gets weighed down by conditioners, just use on the ends and rinse out quickly. Even fine hair can use protection from conditioners. In the winter especially, conditioners will calm down static. Rinse really well again with lukewarm water.  Hot water can dry your scalp and cause irritation.

Styling Tips

Wrap hair gently in a towel or t shirt. Never rub your hair or scalp roughly with the towel because this can cause more breakage and fizziness. If your hair tangles easily, it’s best to use a spray detangler on the midshaft and ends.  Leave on a few minutes before using a wide tooth comb or pic. Starting at the bottom of the hair strands and working up untangle your hair. Starting at the top of your head just tangles the knots together.  I’m also not a fan of using a brush on wet hair. Again it can cause breakage. If your brush has a lot of hair in it that’s a sign that it’s pulling too much hair out.
Let your hair air dry a little to  minimize the heat damage.  Use your favorite styling tools!

Shampooing and conditioning correctly over time will improve the health and shine of your hair, I promise!

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The make up of a Hair Strand

Hair Strand Make Up
Hair Strand

Hair strand. Let’s look at the make up of a hair strand. This will help us understand why damage can happen and how to prevent it. 
Hair grows from your scalp and the root or follicle is nourished from our blood.  From the blood comes oxygen and other nutrients that feed the root of the strand of hair. If we have bad overall health it will be noticeable in the condition of our hair. The condition of your hair can be the first sign of an underlying problem. The shape of the follicle cells will determine the shape of your hair, whether it’s straight, wavy or curly.
Make up of a single strand. Hair strands are like a straw. There are 2-3 sections. 

Cuticle Layer of Hair Strand

The outer section is the cuticle.  This is where most damage can be seen. The cuticle looks like shingles on a roof. They lay on top of each other. Heat and being rough with your hair can cause these shingle to lift and separate causing the hair to not be smooth.  Eventually it can cause split ends  and damage along the length of hair and then break off. Heat can cause damage to the cuticle because it can fray the shingles. Damaged hair can look lighter in color.  Hair that has a healthy cuticle layer will have smooth shiny hair.

Cortex Layer of Hair Strand

The cortex layer is located between the cuticle and medulla and is the thickest hair layer. This is where most of the hair’s pigment is found, giving the hair its color. The health of the cortex depends largely on the integrity of the cuticle protecting it. This layer is where color is deposited and perms do their work. This is also where conditioning and protein treatments repair the hair strand.

Medulla Layer

The Innermost layer is the Medulla. This layer may or may not be present. The medulla is in mostly thicker hair types. Many blondes do not have this layer.  It consists of a soft, thin core of transparent cells and air spaces.
Some products lay on top of the hair while others can penetrate into the hair. Silicones can lay on top of the hair to smooth.  This is usually temporary.  Some products have such a strong amount of silicone or parabens though that it can feel like a coating and be difficult to remove. This can hinder changing your hair color.

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Do I have Covid Hair Loss?

Image result for hair loss

Do I have Covid hair loss? Have you had Covid-19 and are now experiencing hair loss? There are 30% more clicks on websites about hair loss and a 120% increase in searches for hair loss after illness.  An increasing amount of people who have been ill from the Covid virus are sharing that they have more hair in their brushes.

Normal hair loss is about 80-100 hairs a day.  Being sick and/or stressed the body becomes more sensitive to inflammation which can causes hair loss. This can accelerate hair loss-sometimes up to several hundred hairs per day.
Hair loss can be a common side effect of drugs that are used to treat Covid-19, like steroids and Remdeivir.

Check out more info on Healthline story about Covid-19 hair loss!

Treatment for Hair Loss

The good news is that this hair loss is temporary and will resolve within 6 to 9 months.

Here are some tips for treating hair loss resulting from stress or covid:

  1. Treat your hair and scalp gently. You should avoid harsh products and scalp scrubs. Nioxin shampoo and conditioning products are great for keeping your scalp clean and healthy.
  2. Try to spend 10-30 minutes in the sun a day. The sunshine keeps our vitamin D levels normal that prevent hair loss. A blood test will let you know if you may need to use a supplement.
  3. Use blow-dryers and thermal tools sparingly and on low heat settings. Start with the lowest settings and increase if need be.
  4. Avoid wearing tight hair clips that can put extra stress on hair and scalp.
  5. Eat good healthy foods, exercise, get enough sleep and do your best to manage stress.  Isn’t this what we hear for all total well being!

Stayed tuned to future blogs on treatments for hair loss.

Where are your Bobby Pins!

bobby pins

Where are your Bobby pins! I’m sure you have more than you know!  They are everywhere if you look.  They are in bathroom drawers, night stands, car consuls, in the cup holder, in your purse, in your makeup bag, in the couch. ? These little unassuming pieces of metal help hold us to together.  When a piece of hair wants to go rogue, pin the strand in place with a bobby pin.

Anyone who has grown out their bangs can’t live without a bobby pin or two.


Bobby pins were created by Luis Marcus, a San Francisco-based cosmetic manufacturer after World War 1. The bobby pin was named after the 1020’s Bob Haircut.  The hair was cut around chin length and the bangs were kept in place with a bobby pin.

In the Salon

In the salon we buy them by the pound! I am picky about the kind I buy.  I’ve tried many brands and it’s worth buying the best.  Bobby pins should not crisscross over themselves or open up and stay that way.  They should stay closed and be strong.

My favorite are from Sally’s Beauty Supply.  There are 300 bobby pins in a container and can cost about $4 (on sale)-$7.  One container would probably be great for a lifetime.  For the salon I buy about 30 containers for our wedding season! http://www.brookerockwellhair/ That’s about 9,000 bobby pins!

I like to buy the brown ones but they come in black, blonde, gold and white. https://sallybeautysupply/

Bobby Pins Tips

Spray hairspray on them to give them a little more grip and staying power.  Don’t expect them to hold too much hair.  It’s better to use a small section of hair and pins more pieces, your style will hold up better.  It’s best to not open the pin too wide, just slide it into place, it should grab the hair you need.  One side is smooth and the other has ridges. The ridges are the part that should be closest to your scalp.  I don’t always do it that way, but that’s the proper way!

UberFacts on Twitter reports that women lose approximately 1.73 billion bobby pins in one year! Hopefully you know where your bobby pins are when you need them!

The latest hair trend for 2021.

What’s the latest hair trend for 2021? What’s new this year? Is there a cut that’s in or a color that everyone is doing? I get asked these questions a lot! I say, “Be You, Be Unique!” There will always be some kind of direction that hair styles go in so let’s take those looks and make them individual! Put your own spin on something new or classic!

Be Unique!

This year, I say, “Be unique!” Embrace who you are! We are unique like snowflakes (real snowflakes not the politized insult version :)) and fingerprints!  It’s amazing to me how every snowflake and fingerprint is different! This year let’s focus on being ourselves. You can never go wrong with being the best version of you.

Who have you spent the most time with this year? Yourself! Hopefully now you know yourself pretty well! Be you!

Let’s focus on your hair!   If you want bangs, curls, straight, short or long hair…. Cool, let’s do it!

Many people say, “I wish perms were back in style! or I wish bangs were back in! If you want curls or bangs, let’s do it! Be yourself, be happy! Who cares what everybody else is doing!

Colors are unlimited… styles are unlimited!  Want to be blue? Let’s do it! Want a Pixie? Let’s do it!  It’s hair! Hair grows, that means we can always change and adjust it!

I’ll never tell you we can’t do something with your hair. If it seems like an idea that’s not so great, we can modify or search for a better version for you.  We do have a gravity and chemical limits unfortunately.  Nothing that time and patience can’t work through!

Go to to schedule your appointment! Let’s get together and find your perfect You! Let’s make YOU the latest hair trend for 2021!