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Happy 35th OPI!

screenshot_2016-06-12-20-36-17This is “Not Really A Waitress”. It was one of the shades from the Fall/Winter Hollywood Collection 1999. It is OPI’s number one most popular color of all time!  We love getting each new collection in the salon and can’t wait to read their names.  A special OPI team sits in a conference room for 6-8 hours to come up with special names for the collection.  They start with a region or city and brainstorm over maps, pictures and even eating the area’s authentic food.   My favorite nail color is “Florida Flamingo” which was discontinued years ago. 🙁    If you have a favorite color and would like to use it on your walls at home,  Ace Hardware carries Clark + Kensington paint colors in the most popular OPI colors!  What’s your favorite color?

Lovely Indian/American Wedding

It was such an honor to be a part of all of the traditional Indian customs and traditions for Nicoletta’s wedding.  Nicoletta had her hair dressed by a hairdresser from India in the morning. Harbor and I took care of all of the bridesmaids, flower girls and moms. I came back later to get Nicoletta ready for her American ceremony.   The Indian tradition is to place fresh jasmine flowers around a hairpiece that was braided.  The smell from the jasmine flowers filled the entire room!  Nicoletta’s low bun and beautiful headband are traditional for most American brides.

(Makeup by Jae Lee Paredes)

Tape-In Extensions

These are the most beautiful hair extensions available.  They are from Cinderella Hair.  Reheem wanted thicker fuller, hair and choose wavy 22 inch tape in hair extensions.  Harbor shampooed and prepared her hair and placed the 30 human hair pieces throughout Reheem’s hair. She choose 2 colors, one similar to her hair and the other a couple shades lighter.

The outcome is amazing!   In about 3 months Reheem will return to the salon where the extension can be removed and replaced.  The hair grows and can start to tangle, so removal is necessary to keep the hair healthy. Extensions are also a great way to add highlights to your hair.  If your hair is very dark you can easily get blonde, red or the perfect caramel color added in about an hour or so. A consultation is necessary to choice the right color and length for your style.  The hair extensions take about 5 days to be shipped to the salon.

Blonde or Brunette

screenshot_2016-05-05-16-48-17New Color!   It’s hard to tell which is the before and which is the after.  Liz is beautiful with both!  We actually went darker this time.  It’s much easier to go darker than the other way around.

Going lighter usually takes a few hours and most of the time it takes a few appointments of going lighter each time. Color is the best way to change your look if you’re bored.  It’s a good choice if you are not quite ready for a big change in haircut. Maybe Liz will try red sometime!



This is what Color Correction looks like!

20140820_160627This is a full head of highlights done by Christina DiBello.  Every single hair is inside the foil.  This is a client who wanted to change her hair color from dark to light. The hair must be lifted so all color is removed so that we can then put back on the color that you want.  This takes lots of time and patience.  I just love the way all of that foils looks.