Wedding Season is Here!

The possibilities are endless!  Etsy has only about a million vendors that will help you design the hair piece of your dreams. Most vendors will create something for you that is the perfect match for your dress or theme.  The crystal pins shown above are so great…they can be added along a french twist seam or around a bun. They are from Etsy Vendor, MiNiBelle.  Add a few or alot!  The flowers are a perfect touch to complete your look when you decide to remove your veil. The flower pin in the third photo above is from Etsy Vendor, PowderBlueBijoux. The veil can be placed right below the flowers so they almost look connected.  Veils can just slip right out and the flowers stay put.

Wet Brush vs. Pick

20160305_085607If you’ve been in my chair, I’m sure we’ve discussed how important it is to not brush your hair when it’s wet. When your hair is wet it can stretch and the brush can pull and snap your hair.  It can cause split ends, fizzy hair and some hair loss.

I heard so much about the wet brush from some of my clients that I had to give it a try.  I have to say… I still believe you should use a pick or wide tooth comb.  There were a few different brands of wet brushes but they all look the same. I felt like it didn’t really get through my hair (and my hair isn’t thick at all) and pulled some of it out.  It’s still best to use a pick and start at the bottom of your hair strands and work your way up.  Nobody wants to have frizzy split hair!

Donate Your Hair

20160305_121352If you have 8-12 extra inches of hair hanging around it would be great to donate it to a great cause. There are several companies that will take your hair and make wigs for people that need them.  Wigs For Kids takes 12 inches of hair and provides free wigs to kids suffering with hair loss.  Locks of Love will take 10 inches and provides wigs as well.  They are free to qualified applicants.  If applicants exceed the income limits they are asked to contribute to the cost of the wig. Pantene Beautiful Lengths will accept 8 inches and also provides wigs free to those to need them.  So if you’re ready to change your look and help someone in the process give us a call!

Spring is Coming!

20160301_130651You know Spring is around the corner when OPI has released their Spring Summer Collection. The New Orleans Collection has bright, beautiful colors.  We love them all!  Don’t forget your toes! It’s sandal season.  🙂

Now it’s easier to skip a Shampoo

20160219_150453Shampooing less is always a good idea. Your hair will be healthier and your color will stay more vibrant.  We love the Moroccan Oil Products so much!  This is their dry shampoo.  It comes in 2 colors. Dark Tones  for dark hair and Light Tones for blondes.  I like to spray on my part and around the hairline where my hair can be the oiliest. Just wait a couple of minutes and work it through your hair.  It does a great job of getting you through another day!  It also adds some body to your roots as well.