Donate Your Hair

20160305_121352If you have 8-12 extra inches of hair hanging around it would be great to donate it to a great cause. There are several companies that will take your hair and make wigs for people that need them.  Wigs For Kids takes 12 inches of hair and provides free wigs to kids suffering with hair loss.  Locks of Love will take 10 inches and provides wigs as well.  They are free to qualified applicants.  If applicants exceed the income limits they are asked to contribute to the cost of the wig. Pantene Beautiful Lengths will accept 8 inches and also provides wigs free to those to need them.  So if you’re ready to change your look and help someone in the process give us a call!

Spring is Coming!

20160301_130651You know Spring is around the corner when OPI has released their Spring Summer Collection. The New Orleans Collection has bright, beautiful colors.  We love them all!  Don’t forget your toes! It’s sandal season.  🙂

Now it’s easier to skip a Shampoo

20160219_150453Shampooing less is always a good idea. Your hair will be healthier and your color will stay more vibrant.  We love the Moroccan Oil Products so much!  This is their dry shampoo.  It comes in 2 colors. Dark Tones  for dark hair and Light Tones for blondes.  I like to spray on my part and around the hairline where my hair can be the oiliest. Just wait a couple of minutes and work it through your hair.  It does a great job of getting you through another day!  It also adds some body to your roots as well.

Jewelry in Your Hair

screenshot_2016-02-16-16-14-05We love doing wedding hair. It’s great to personalize your hair for your big day.  This is a beautiful way to wear jewelry from your family. Our bride wanted to use her grandmother’s necklace on her wedding day.  It’s the same necklace her grandmother wore for her own wedding!   We’ve done the same with earrings!  You just really want to make sure you pin them securely. We can’t wait to see what other ideas this wedding season brings!

Do Blondes Have More Fun!

blondecolorSuzie thinks so! A picture really is worth a thousand words.  Suzie was ready for a change and her gray hair just was making her feel a little down.  Hair color is the best way to change up your look if your bored with your hair.  It’s fun and easier to change if you don’t like it.  Getting a drastic cut is brave and wonderful but not so easy to rewind.

We used a great Framesi color level 9 and in about an hour Suzie was feeling revived! If you’re afraid to do all over blonde a few highlights will do the trick!