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A Bridal Trial is so Important!

This is an example of what a bridal trial looks like!  We tried up and down and all around, and finally found the one!

Bridal Trial

It’s so important to us that your wedding day is perfect. We are responsible for your hair that day and we take it very seriously! A bridal hair trial is super important.  You want to look back at photos and remember every detail and hair is a big one!

We recommend a trial as soon as possible. We suggest sooner rather than later! It’s good to know if you will like what we do. If you don’t like what we do, you’ll need to find someone else. Hairstylists book quickly for weddings so it’s good to plan early. We’re taking weddings for next fall already!

Pinterest is great for ideas!   Just start looking and pin everything that you may want to try. Some brides know for certain the way they want their hair, whether they like their hair up or down. It depends on the style of your dress as well. You may want to show off details on the back or it may have a high neckline. Hair can be adjusted around all of these details.

I like to start a trial looking through your photos and talking about what you like and don’t like. The front of your hair is the most important and hardest part to decide on. We try several ways and eventually one them will be just perfect.

A trial usually takes about an hour. You should arrive with dry hair. At this time we can discuss the best way to prepare your hair for the big day.

Normally, I curl all of the hair first to get some texture. It’s a great time to see if you like your hair down and curly. Next, we try half up/half down. Then we can try a bun. The bun can be centered or to one side, high or low, big or small, smooth or detailed. Recently, we’ve had several brides wear their hair down and curly. Some are doing very high, big, full buns. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and like yourself! The trial is the best way to figure this out!

Filtered Photos are Deceiving!

Filtered photos are deceiving!  Shannon, our new stylist founds these photos and wanted to show everyone the deception that is on the internet. The following is her blog post of what she found!

Ever just get bored with your hair color and start internet searching for a new fun shade?! Ever find a picture that you fell in love with?! Well that picture could be a big, ole, fat LIE! Take these pictures for example:

These are extreme examples. Photos can be photo-shopped to look very different than reality.  There are lots of filters and color options for photos.  Hair looks different because of the lighting! Inside and outside the lighting will change the color dramatically. Hair can be made to look so different. So different that the colors can be difficult or even impossible to achieve in reality.

I know these colors may not be for every one but these are a perfect examples on how pictures are filtered and altered in the internet world. This fun, aquatic blue and purple look can be achieved but you are going to have to pay some big bucks to get it.

Also, the reality is you may not get these styles in one visit to the salon. Why? Well, first it all depends on the level and condition of your hair. Its difficult to pre-lighten someone with “black or dark brown hair” that is color treated (get an in more depth explanation in our November 9, 2016 blog, Colorful Hair is Beautiful)  After lightening the hair,  it’s time for the fun colors and then styling. So overall you are going to be paying for two color processes (maybe even more depending on how light you need to go), a haircut if desired, and styling. Also, if you are going for these fun and bright colors they fade very fast and are hard to keep vibrant in the hair.

Try to keep your expectations realistic. A thorough consultation is a must for every color!  We will try everything in our power to give you the perfect color!

Shannon Grady


Charcoal is a miracle cleanser!

Charcoal as a cleanser?  How can something so black and dirty help clean your skin and hair!?  Charcoal is turning up in everything from face scrubs to toothpaste. Apparently it’s an amazing natural absorbent of oils and toxins! It’s a great way to purify and cleanse your body, inside and out!

It turns out that activated charcoal is an amazing natural ingredient that absorbs oil. Used in masques and face scrubs it really gives a deep cleaning.

Charcoal is used in an activated form that has gone through a steaming process to make it 2 to 3 more times effective as regular charcoal. Activated charcoal powder can be purchased for about $22 per pound online. The powdery substance is very light so you get a lot of product in a pound.  The powder can stain bathroom grout and fixtures, so be very careful how you handle it.

It has been used medically in hospitals to absorb poisons that have been ingested. It can be used at home daily mixed with water to settle lots of stomach and intestinal problems. It can even be used on insect bites!

The benefits go one for a long list. I was so surprised to find all of the problems that charcoal can alleviate or totally get rid of. Here is a link to Dr. Axe website and his article talks about all of the benefits and risks.

Now it seems that it also is making it’s way to beauty products!  Used in products for hair, skin and teeth this black substance will clean and remove unwanted oils and stains. In toothpaste it’s supposed make your teeth whiter! The toothpaste suds may look a little black and scary, but but once you rinse, surprise! new whiter teeth.

It can be purchased already in a product or it can be purchased as a powder and added to your favorite cleansers like shampoo! In shampoo it will get rid of all of the excess oils that can weigh your down!

We Heart Miracle Leave-In Spray!

February is the month for loving all that is worth loving!  We heart Miracle Leave-In Spray!

So the whole month of February, It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Spray is only $15!

This spray is the perfect match for every single and spoken for person! 🙂

This product should be on everyones menu of daily used products.  It’s best to apply to freshly shampooed and conditioned hair.  Towel dry your hair and then apply a few sprays of the Miracle Leave-In Spray.

The list of 10 things the spray will do instantly…..  It will DETANGLE your hair and that helps prevent BREAKAGE and SPLIT ENDS.  It will PROTECT your hair from the heat of the hairdryer and thermal irons. It REPAIRS damaged hair, ADDS SHINE, CONTROLS FRIZZ, SEALS and protects color, creates SILKINESS and ENHANCES natural body!

You don’t need to worry about using too much or using it too often.  The Miracle Spray is very light, it never feels heavy.  The more you use it the better your hair feels!

There are several different formulas. They all have panthenol, sunflower seed extract, green tea extract, and silk amino acids.  The spray smells amazing too!

Regular for normal hair

Keratin for hair that may be breaking

Blondes for toning brassiness and brightening highlights

Light for very fine hair

Silk  with hydrolyzed silk for extra softness


The spray is great in the winter for the static.  If after your hair is dry and you still feel little fly-aways,  spritz some in your hands and run through your hair.

The spray is great in the summer while you’re out lounging by the pool. It’s like a conditioning treatment with the help of the sun. We can just dream about how that feels right now!

We have to take our happiness where we can get it and the Miracle Spray will make you heart your hair everyday!

Itchy, Irritated Scalp

This time of the year, an itchy, irritated scalp has to go!  The skin on the rest of our body is getting dry so it makes sense that your scalp skin will get dry as well. We’re good about using body and hand cream but your scalp could use some love too! Some scalps can feel like they are burning, prickling, or itchy and tight.

Image result for irritated scalp

It’s nice to find out why your scalp is causing some discomfort. Your scalp can have dandruff , just be dry or maybe you’re just sensitive. Using a sulfate free and fragrance free shampoo will take care of most scalp issues.  Dandruff is an all together different thing caused by a fungus and comes with intense itching and flakiness.

The scalp has more blood vessels than any other part of our body and each hair follicle has 4 different types of nerve endings.The smallest change can be noticed.  It’s good to take care of the issues before they get worse.  The scalp does have a normal exfoliating process to get rid of the natural oils that can build up on the scalp causing trouble.  The problem is that the scalp will exfoliate too much or not enough.

Dry scalp just needs more moisture to keep the normal exfoliating process from being itchy or flaky. Moroccan Oil hair products makes a Dry Scalp Treatment that puts the moisture back into your skin. It’s best to use warm water, not hot when shampooing and don’t use the hairdryer too close to your scalp.

Image result for nioxin products

Sensitive and dry scalps can benefit from using Nioxin Shampoos and Conditioners that sooth and calm the scalp with a minty freshness.

Dandruff can benefit from Biolage Scalp Sync shampoo. It uses pyrithione zinc to relieve the scalp irritation. It’s safe for color treated hair as well.

If none of things are helping your irritated scalp, a trip to your physician or dermatologist is necessary.  They can prescribe medicines that can clear things up.