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Bridal Trials

Bridal Trials are not necessary but we highly recommend doing a practice round!   We’d like your wedding day to be stress-free and relaxed! Our part in that is having a good hair plan ready to go!

Sometimes it is not possible if the bride is out of town and just can’t make it work.  It is still a good idea to set up some time to talk to your stylist about your hair and the style you’ve chosen.  There are lots of styling tips we can give you that will make the wedding day hair perfect!


A trial is important because then you will know that the style will work with your hair and that you’ll like it!  So often we do the exact style the bride has chosen and she says it’s just not her!  It’s not uncommon for this to happen.  You never know until you try. The day of the wedding is too busy to not be sure about your hair!

The trial can be done at any time.  Months or days before the wedding. Preferably it’s best to do as soon as possible. It’s nice to know ahead of time that you are all set!  Some styles don’t require super long hair, so it’s good to know that you don’t need to grow it for months and not like it along the way.

At the time of the trial, we talk about what you like and go over our options. Bring lots of photos of hair styles that you like.  I like to always try down and up styles.  Most brides know right away what feels right.

At the time of the trial we can go over what’s best for your hair to prepare it for the wedding. When to shampoo, what styling products work best and any other tricks that we’ve learned along the way are important things to know!

I’m not saying that you are locked in to the style we do at the trial! You can always change your mind! It’s better though to only do one look the day of the wedding. On the day of the wedding it’s really hard to do a style and then take it down and try something else.  I like to spray and tease and pin as we go so that it stays all day and night.  If I need to take that down the teasing and spray can make the hair look frizzy and the hair can start to separate.

Once we’ve chosen your hairstyle the wedding day is a breeze!  It’s nice to know that your hair will be exactly what you envision.  It’s fun to check “bridal hair trial” off the list too!

Burgh Brides, A Pittsburgh Wedding Blog

Burgh Brides has featured us on her blog!

Wedding season is upon us!  We’ve met some many wonderful women doing wedding hair! The brides, bridesmaids, their family and other wedding vendors are all great people! It’s so great to look at past brides who we’ve had the honor of helping on their wedding day! Harbor did this amazing wedding hair style for Brianne last year!


I received an email from Victoria at Burgh Brides that she was showcasing Brianne’s wedding! Brianne’s entire wedding was so perfect and is worthy of sharing! I want to get married again so I can wear that wedding dress!

Most of the time hair and makeup are scheduled first thing on the wedding day and we go on our merry way. It’s always so exciting to see the photos of how the wedding comes together. The bride with hair and makeup and dress all together! Lots of planning and thoughts about the day and the pictures capture every detail!

This is so pretty Victoria! She is the creator and driving force of #burghbrides.  Burgh Brides is a Pittsburgh wedding blog. Victoria is the queen of all things beautiful about weddings and Pittsburgh! She shows unique wedding ideas for inspiration for other brides. She helps connect brides with local vendors. She gives lots of hints and tips for a gorgeous and stress free wedding. She knows everything from flowers to preparing the best bridal registry!

Victoria has chosen one of our brides to showcase for your current blog post! Harbor had the pleasure of working with Brianne to create her amazing wedding hairstyle.  Christina and Harbor styled the rest of Brianne’s bridal party the morning of the wedding.

Check out Victoria’s blog for more photos of Brianne’s beautiful wedding and fabulous dress!

We’re looking forward to this year of beautiful weddings and meeting more fabulous people!

2 of our Brides in 2 Spring Wedding Magazines!

We’re so happy to say the we have 2 of our brides featured in 2 spring wedding magazines!

Cassie Fickley was featured in Whirl Wedding Spring/Summer 2017 edition. Brianne Conley was featured in Pittsburgh Magazine Weddings Spring 2017.

This is Cassie Fickley!  Seeing these photos makes me want to get married again!  These photos are from Sky’s the Limit Photography!


Cassie has such a beautiful, simple elegance and her fabulous ballerina bun was perfect! It was a great morning for me to go to the Hotel Monaco and style her hair and her bridesmaids.  I love that hotel! It was so great to meet all of Cassie’s friends.

Wedding days are so special and I get to be a part of all of the fun!  I’m usually the first person to arrive and get the day started.  Hair and makeup is the first event of the day!  Whoever isn’t getting hair done can have makeup done.  The timing goes smoothly and everyone is finished in no time!   Everyone gets dressed and then pictures start. It’s a whirlwind!  It’s important for me to keep everyone on schedule.  I don’t want to hold up the rest of the day. I’m always grateful when someone agrees to go first!  🙂

This is Brianne Conley!  Such amazing photos by Hot Metal Studio!

Harbor met with Brianne and they spent some time together deciding what style was the best choice for her.  Brianne finally decided on a side swept deconstructed braid.  Harbor and Christina went to Brianne’s mom house the day of the wedding and styled all of bridesmaids as well!

I LOVE the dress with that bow!  So beautiful!

We can do hair for weddings anywhere!  We’ve done hair for our brides in the most beautiful places.  We just need to have some electricity and a place to put our irons and spray!

We’re looking forward to an amazing wedding season and meeting lots of new wonderful brides!



Wedding Hair- Dovetail Braid

KristyBraidKristyBackKristyHarborKristyTrioKristyBMWe’ve know Kristy for so long! Kristy and some of her friends went to Point Park College and lived at Washington Plaza Apartments. Harbor and I were so happy to do hair for her and her bridesmaids for her fabulous wedding day. Her family and friends couldn’t have been nicer!  Kristy has very think, long, blonde hair and the dovetail braid was the best way to show it off. Her hair has been waiting for this day!

The Dovetail Braid showcases all of her beautiful hair. We added lots of spiral curls and didn’t tuck everything into the braid. The curled pieces were lightly pinned so they weren’t flying around too much.  The back we pulled several sections into ponytails that were flipped through and lightly pulled apart.  The beaded pearl accessory is actually a headband. We took off the ribbon and pinned it in place. It’s great to use jewelry in your hair.

Wedding mornings are always so much fun. It’s nice when we travel to the bride, as you can see, the bridesmaids are able to do other things, like makeup, while we do hair.  It takes stress out of the day when you don’t need to drive to the salon. The timing works out perfectly.  We figure out when you need to be finished with hair and work back from there.  We usually add another 1/2 hour just in case. It helps if everyone is there and ready to go.  Make sure that everyone has dry hair.  Pinterest and Instagram have about a million pictures of hairstyles to choose from.  It’s great to be done early so you can relax before getting into your dresses.

We can’t wait to see professional photos of Kristy in her dress!  I’m sure the wedding was so much fun. Best wishes Kristy!

Lovely Indian/American Wedding

It was such an honor to be a part of all of the traditional Indian customs and traditions for Nicoletta’s wedding.  Nicoletta had her hair dressed by a hairdresser from India in the morning. Harbor and I took care of all of the bridesmaids, flower girls and moms. I came back later to get Nicoletta ready for her American ceremony.   The Indian tradition is to place fresh jasmine flowers around a hairpiece that was braided.  The smell from the jasmine flowers filled the entire room!  Nicoletta’s low bun and beautiful headband are traditional for most American brides.

(Makeup by Jae Lee Paredes)