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The latest hair trend for 2021.

What’s the latest hair trend for 2021? What’s new this year? Is there a cut that’s in or a color that everyone is doing? I get asked these questions a lot! I say, “Be You, Be Unique!” There will always be some kind of direction that hair styles go in so let’s take those looks and make them individual! Put your own spin on something new or classic!

Be Unique!

This year, I say, “Be unique!” Embrace who you are! We are unique like snowflakes (real snowflakes not the politized insult version :)) and fingerprints!  It’s amazing to me how every snowflake and fingerprint is different! This year let’s focus on being ourselves. You can never go wrong with being the best version of you.

Who have you spent the most time with this year? Yourself! Hopefully now you know yourself pretty well! Be you!

Let’s focus on your hair!   If you want bangs, curls, straight, short or long hair…. Cool, let’s do it!

Many people say, “I wish perms were back in style! or I wish bangs were back in! If you want curls or bangs, let’s do it! Be yourself, be happy! Who cares what everybody else is doing!

Colors are unlimited… styles are unlimited!  Want to be blue? Let’s do it! Want a Pixie? Let’s do it!  It’s hair! Hair grows, that means we can always change and adjust it!

I’ll never tell you we can’t do something with your hair. If it seems like an idea that’s not so great, we can modify or search for a better version for you.  We do have a gravity and chemical limits unfortunately.  Nothing that time and patience can’t work through!

Go to https://BrookeRockwellHair.com to schedule your appointment! Let’s get together and find your perfect You! Let’s make YOU the latest hair trend for 2021!