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Beautiful Brows for Everyone!

Brows for Everyone!  Eyebrows can really make or break your whole look.  Eyebrows are such a distinct part of your face.  Without them your face loses all dimension and expression.  Eyebrows come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

There is a correct way to groom your brows to make the most of your features.  There are many little, easy tricks to filling them in and coloring them so that they are more noticeable.  Some brows need to be less noticeable! 🙂

It Cosmetics makes the best pencil to fill in your brows!

This is the best brow pencil, The Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil.  I received it as a gift and didn’t think I needed it.  I tried it and I can’t believe the difference! I can’t go without it now! It fills in just a little or alot wherever you need it.  Eyebrows are never perfect and rarely the same. This pencil helps even the brows out.  We’ve always said “Your eyebrows are sisters not twins!”

Here are some tips right from It Cosmetics website for using the Brow Power pencil.  http://itcosmetics.com

  • Apply softer strokes for lighter hair colors including blonde and silver, and press harder for darker tones including brown and black. As a finishing touch, lightly brush the built-in spooley brush through your brows for a natural, polished look.
  • To create your most perfect-looking brows, follow these easy-to-remember tips: (1) The start of your brow should line up directly with the edge of your nose; (2) Your brow arch should align to the outer edge of your iris, and (3) The end of your brow should line up with the outer corner of your eye!


We are adding more services for your eyebrows to the salon.  We can help you design the perfect shape, tint them a gorgeous color and maintain them for you. Check out our website for a list of details and prices for Beautiful Brows! www.BrookeRockwellHair.com.