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Getting Ready for the Big Day!

How do we get ready for the big day?

Wedding season is coming up quickly! We can’t wait to meet our new brides and help them create their perfect wedding day look. We get questions every day from brides and bridesmaids asking how to prepare their hair for the big day. These 5 issues are the same for both the bride and bridesmaids.

*Please have everyone arrive with DRY HAIR

*Shampoo or Not the Morning of?

*Bring Pictures

*Flat Ironed Hair

*Using Mousse or styling products

Shampoo or not to Shampoo the day of? That’s a huge one! It really is a case by case decision. If you know that if you won’t feel good about yourself or about your hair if you don’t shampoo then by all means shampoo your hair that morning! Just make sure that your hair is really dry and cooled down before we start styling your hair.

For most styles, hair does style better if it is not freshly shampooed. Hair that is freshly shampooed can be frizzy and flyaway. On the other hand, hair that is too oily is just as bad and can be worse. Oily hair won’t have any volume and can look separated. Most of the time you know when your hair is at it’s best.

At the time of your trial we can discuss what’s best for your hair type. Also at that time we can suggest the proper products you can use ahead of time so that your hair is ready to go.

If you do decide to shampoo that morning, it does need to be DRY hours before we start your styling. Hair that has been recently dried always carries a little moisture and won’t curl, tease or stay pinned. Hair needs to be dried and needs time to cool down so that it will handle better.

Timing is so important the day of the wedding and we want to keep you and your group on schedule. If someone arrives with wet or damp hair that almost doubles the time needed for that person.

If you choose a style for the wedding day that is down and curled or even up and curled, PLEASE don’t use a flat iron on your hair. Once hair has been flattened with an iron it doesn’t curl very well at all! If you want it straight for the rehearsal dinner, then we suggest you shampoo that night or early in the morning.

It’s helpful to use some mousse or styling product in your hair once you shampoo and before you blow-dry. It’s helpful for the style to have more staying power if some product has been dried in.

Normally we like to do a trial with the bride so we know what we are planning for the wedding day. It’s not usually a good idea on the wedding day to not be sure what you do and don’t like. If you are a bridesmaid, it is really helpful to think of styles that you like and save some photos for us. Pinterest and Instagram are amazing resources of every style imaginable. Sometimes it’s even helpful to have photos of hairstyles that you don’t like! Pictures are for sure worth a thousand words!

We love to make you look beautiful, but we need a little help from you! The outcome will be so much more amazing if you follow these simple rules for getting ready for the big day!