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Brown to Blonde- It’s a Process!

It’s a Process!  Getting your hair from dark to blonde does not come easy!  Shannon had permanent dark hair color roots to ends. We wanted to do a blonde balayage with heavy blonde ends. March 31st was our first session.  The first day we lightened her hair twice, an hour each time. After that day we gave her hair a break of about 7-9 days between lightenings. Today, April 18th was our last session.  I think for now this is as much as Shannon’s hair can take!

4 separate salon sessions!

Each of the 4 processes took about an hour and a half.  We used lightener and waited an hour for each session. We used Olaplex, which protects the hair in extreme lightening conditions.  Over the 3 weeks, Shannon conditioned her hair, used a bluing shampoo to tone down the gold and used as little heat as possible.  Lightening just one time will take moisture out of the hair and after 4 times it really can do a number on your strands.  It’s not good to have blonde ends if they are like fried straw and break off!

I wish I could say that we could do this process in one visit and like magic your hair is the perfect shade of blonde.  It just doesn’t work like that! There is chemistry and limits and lots of things happening to the hair that we can’t control!  We especially don’t want to comprise the health and integrity of the hair.


This is a perfect example of filtered looks.  The photo on the left is Shannon in the salon, under lights that make her hair appear more gold than it actually does.  I wish you could see it in person!  The camera just doesn’t capture the true look.  The photo on the right is filtered.   So many times you will see a photo with color that you love but chances are it has been altered.  It can be very misleading and give you the wrong expectations.