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Where are your Bobby Pins!

bobby pins

Where are your Bobby pins! I’m sure you have more than you know!  They are everywhere if you look.  They are in bathroom drawers, night stands, car consuls, in the cup holder, in your purse, in your makeup bag, in the couch. ? These little unassuming pieces of metal help hold us to together.  When a piece of hair wants to go rogue, pin the strand in place with a bobby pin.

Anyone who has grown out their bangs can’t live without a bobby pin or two.


Bobby pins were created by Luis Marcus, a San Francisco-based cosmetic manufacturer after World War 1. The bobby pin was named after the 1020’s Bob Haircut.  The hair was cut around chin length and the bangs were kept in place with a bobby pin.

In the Salon

In the salon we buy them by the pound! I am picky about the kind I buy.  I’ve tried many brands and it’s worth buying the best.  Bobby pins should not crisscross over themselves or open up and stay that way.  They should stay closed and be strong.

My favorite are from Sally’s Beauty Supply.  There are 300 bobby pins in a container and can cost about $4 (on sale)-$7.  One container would probably be great for a lifetime.  For the salon I buy about 30 containers for our wedding season! http://www.brookerockwellhair/weddings.com That’s about 9,000 bobby pins!

I like to buy the brown ones but they come in black, blonde, gold and white. https://sallybeautysupply/bobbypins.com

Bobby Pins Tips

Spray hairspray on them to give them a little more grip and staying power.  Don’t expect them to hold too much hair.  It’s better to use a small section of hair and pins more pieces, your style will hold up better.  It’s best to not open the pin too wide, just slide it into place, it should grab the hair you need.  One side is smooth and the other has ridges. The ridges are the part that should be closest to your scalp.  I don’t always do it that way, but that’s the proper way!

UberFacts on Twitter reports that women lose approximately 1.73 billion bobby pins in one year! Hopefully you know where your bobby pins are when you need them!