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Perm. It’s not a bad 4-letter word!

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Most of the time I talk with someone about a Perm,  they’ve had a bad experience.  It’s was too tight and/or frizzy. They make this scared face and say “No Way!” Perms have come a long way and they can be great!  Body Wave might be a better word to use.  The actual chemical is better and more kind to the hair.  Many Perm Companies say that they leave the hair in better condition after the perm.

The perm is a 2 step chemical process. The first solution breaks down the bonds of the hair and the second solution hardens the hair around the shape of the roller.  There are different kinds of perms depending on your hair type. They vary if you have color or highlights, if you have hard to curl hair, or just want something loose.

The size of the roller determines the curl.  The smaller the roller the tighter the curl.  There are lots of rolling techniques to make the curl look different.  Spiral rolling is more natural and is best for long hair. We can also just perm the top or just the bottom, depending on where you need to see more movement.

It is a chemical process so your hair does need special attention and care to keep it healthy. Using a great conditioner and using as little heat as possible to always helpful. Keeping the ends trimmed is needed at least every 6 weeks so it stays healthy.

Body Waves are great for the summer, because you can wash and go and the waves should fall right into place.

When you tire of your locks the perm can be reversed.  That means you don’t have to wait until it grows out or cut your hair to have your straighter hair back.  It’s a nice change and even if it’s called a Permanent, it can be temporary.