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Microblading for Eyebrows

Not many people have the perfect eyebrow without a lot of work. Waxing, penciling, and brushing them into the right arch is really time consuming.  Sometimes we just weren’t given the shape we want from nature.  Sometimes we have over-tweezed our brows and there’s just not that much left.  There is a process that gives you the brows you want without worrying about wiping them off.  Microblading is quickly gaining popularity.  First of all, what is Microblading for eyebrows?  Also called Brow Feathering, Eyebrow Embroidery or Eyebrow Etching. It’s a semi-permanent tattoo-like procedure to look like you have more eyebrow hairs. A small blade deposits pigment under the upper layers of the skin. It’s different from regular tattoos because they use a small pen to draw on individual hairs one stroke at a time.  It’s a very meticulous process, but well worth the time. The before and after picture below says it all!

They do numb the skin with lidocaine before the microblading begins.  Most people say there is a slight discomfort and some say there is no pain at all.  The process may take up to two hours.  The first hour is spent drawing the new shaped eyebrow with a removable pencil to make sure you have the perfect look. This is the most important step and can’t be rushed. The brows at first are a little dark, but after some peeling and healing the new lighter color is now visible. They fade into a nice natural brown.

There is no down time, your brows are picture perfect from the first day.  The healing process is about 25- 30 days.  After a month sometimes you need a 40 minute touch up. Microblading for eyebrows can last up to three years.  There is no special care except quick touch ups every year.  The cost is $700 to $900.