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5 Things You Don’t Have to Do!

Happy New Year! I’m sure you have a long list of New Years resolutions of things you need to do. Hopefully you’re still sticking to them! We have 5 things you don’t have to do! 🙂

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It’s so nice to not have something more you have to do. These are things that you should stop doing! This will save you time and the health of your hair!

1.  Don’t shampoo every day! Try skipping a day! Most of the time your hair will be fine and eventually it will improve if you are not stripping healthy oils and nutrients from your stands. Try a great dry shampoo and you’ll never go back to shampooing every day again! We love the Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo.  It comes in 2 colors to match your hair.  Light and Dark!

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2. Don’t use too much heat on your hair. This is easy to do if your not shampooing every day! If you have to blow dry, use a low setting and skip the irons. Try not to do both. If you do need to use both dryer and iron,  try lowering the heat setting on both and use quickly.

3. Don’t use a brush on your wet hair. We’ve said a millions times how brushes on wet hair can cause breakage and frizz. Instead use a wide tooth comb and your hair will be stronger and grow better.

4. Don’t use hot water on your hair or skin. This is sure way to dry out your ends and cause static.

5. Don’t rub your hair too hard with your towel!  Just wrap your hair and then squeeze out the moisturize. Rubbing the towel can cause lots of damage and rough up the cuticle of the hair.

Taking away all of these things will save you time and will give you healthier hair over time! Try these “5 things you don’t have to do” and see what a difference it makes.

The Perfect Brush

Finding the perfect brush is the first step to getting the perfect hair.

From left to right… Cushion brush, small round metal brush, vent brush, large round metal brush and paddle brush.

The first brush is a cushion brush.  This is the perfect brush for smoothing long, delicate and fine hair. The rubber cushion will reduce static in finer hair.  It can also detangle wet hair when used gently.

The small round and large round are the perfect brush for smoothing and straightening curly hair and giving lots of body at the roots.  The metal part of the brush will heat up as you use the dryer and act as a curling iron to make a stronger curl. For the smoothest look use the largest brush that will go around your hair.

The vent brush is the perfect brush for drying alot of hair quickly.  It separates the hair and the air from the dryer easily and quickly passes through.  You can also get lots of lift at the roots with this brush. This brush is great for turning ends under and giving you side swept feathery waves.

The paddle brush is great for smooth, sleek styles on long hair. The brush is wide so it can handle thick hair. If the brush has natural boar bristles that will also add extra shine and smoothness.

This is a teasing brush.  This is the perfect brush to get a nice full bump at your crown.  The pointed end is a great way to pull hair up and out once it’s in a ponytail.  This tools is essential for every up-do. We don’t go to a wedding without one!

This is a loop brush.  This is the only brush you can use if you have hair extensions.  The loops prevent the brush from pulling on the extension or the glue bead from glued in pieces.

The perfect brush will help you achieve your perfect hair quicker and easier.





The Perfect Blowout

There are a few tricks to doing the perfect blowout, and with some practice, you can master the perfect blowout for yourself.


Start with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair.  Our favorite line is Moroccan Oil.  Wrap hair in a towel to absorb as much moisture as possible.  Never scrub your hair with the towel only squeeze.  Being rough with the towel can cause breakage and frizz.  Apply a detangler/thermal protector. Again our favorite is It’s a 10 Miracle Spray.  Use a wide tooth comb and start at the ends and work your way up to the scalp. If you have time, it’s best to let your hair air-dry as much as you can.  The less heat you use the better.

Using your blow dryer (Ionic Dryers dry faster) do a rough drying turning your head upside down for lots of lift.  Dry this way until about 80% dry.  It’s a waste of time using a brush on wet hair.

Divide hair into 4 section.   The crown, 2 sides above ears and the back is one section.  Start at the crown and using the brush start at the scalp and round brush backward.  Do each section a few times concentrating the heat on the roots first.  After the section is dry, roll hair in to a barrel curl and pin in place.  Do each side down and pin.  The back is covered by the top so it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Use a paddle brush and then at the very last of the drying time use the round brush to bevel the ends under.  The longer your hair the bigger the brush.  Let the top and sides cool down before removing your pins. If the brush seems just a little too hard to use, velcro rollers are great or a large barrel curling iron.

Now you can part you hair where you like and place the sections where you want them.  Use a tiny bit of spray if you like to hold the style.  Sometimes using products that are too heavy can shorten the days your style will last because it can make it feel weighed down.  Start by using a small amount and fewer products.  You’ll find you don’t need as much or as many to achieve the look you want.