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Charcoal is a miracle cleanser!

Charcoal as a cleanser?  How can something so black and dirty help clean your skin and hair!?  Charcoal is turning up in everything from face scrubs to toothpaste. Apparently it’s an amazing natural absorbent of oils and toxins! It’s a great way to purify and cleanse your body, inside and out!

It turns out that activated charcoal is an amazing natural ingredient that absorbs oil. Used in masques and face scrubs it really gives a deep cleaning.

Charcoal is used in an activated form that has gone through a steaming process to make it 2 to 3 more times effective as regular charcoal. Activated charcoal powder can be purchased for about $22 per pound online. The powdery substance is very light so you get a lot of product in a pound.  The powder can stain bathroom grout and fixtures, so be very careful how you handle it.

It has been used medically in hospitals to absorb poisons that have been ingested. It can be used at home daily mixed with water to settle lots of stomach and intestinal problems. It can even be used on insect bites!

The benefits go one for a long list. I was so surprised to find all of the problems that charcoal can alleviate or totally get rid of. Here is a link to Dr. Axe website and his article talks about all of the benefits and risks. https://draxe.com/activated-charcoal-uses/

Now it seems that it also is making it’s way to beauty products!  Used in products for hair, skin and teeth this black substance will clean and remove unwanted oils and stains. In toothpaste it’s supposed make your teeth whiter! The toothpaste suds may look a little black and scary, but but once you rinse, surprise! new whiter teeth.

It can be purchased already in a product or it can be purchased as a powder and added to your favorite cleansers like shampoo! In shampoo it will get rid of all of the excess oils that can weigh your down!