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Get rid of your Gray Hair Troubles!

Gray Hair Troubles!

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Image result for gray hair

These gray haired beauties are perfect but not everyone is thrilled to see their first gray hair!  It can be very unsettling!  You wonder if this is just of the beginning of the spiral downward of more and more gray hairs everyday! Unfortunately, gray hair is just part of the process of getting older.  Thankfully, there are many ways to disguise or totally do away with the those pesky, sparkling white hairs if you’re not ready to gray gracefully!

Gray hair is the absence of color. The middle layer of the hair strand holds the melanin that determines what color your hair is. Over time this melanin, the pigmented cells die and will become a more transparent color, white or gray. Gray hair can be beautiful and with the right style it can be gorgeous!

You can turn gray at any age. It’s definitely an inherited trait.  Stress, disease and nutrition can play a role in the amount of gray you see and when.

If you’re not feeling like you’re ready to embrace the grays, there are many choices for covering them up!

Most gray hair can be wiry and crazy. You are very lucky if you have nice, smooth gray hair. Most of the time women like to get a body wave to bend the hair so the hair is controlled. Color processes also will make your gray strands alot more agreeable and smooth.

What ever you do “Don’t Pull Them Out”! It’s better to have gray hair than no hair.  Try to tuck them in or use a color cover stick until you can get to the salon!

There are lots of color options if you’d like to cover the gray. You can cover some of the gray with highlights, cover all the hair with permanent color or use a temporary color shampoo to blend them in.

Highlights blend the gray in,  not cover them totally and you won’t have a heavy line of regrowth. Semi permanent color covers the gray and gradually fades so the you don’t have to do color again or you can decide when you want to.

Permanent color does cover all the gray but in a month or so you will see ½ inch of regrowth and that will need touched up.

It’s best to talk with us about the options and what is best for your lifestyle. Don’t let those terrible grays get you down!