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Wedding Hair- Dovetail Braid

KristyBraidKristyBackKristyHarborKristyTrioKristyBMWe’ve know Kristy for so long! Kristy and some of her friends went to Point Park College and lived at Washington Plaza Apartments. Harbor and I were so happy to do hair for her and her bridesmaids for her fabulous wedding day. Her family and friends couldn’t have been nicer!  Kristy has very think, long, blonde hair and the dovetail braid was the best way to show it off. Her hair has been waiting for this day!

The Dovetail Braid showcases all of her beautiful hair. We added lots of spiral curls and didn’t tuck everything into the braid. The curled pieces were lightly pinned so they weren’t flying around too much.  The back we pulled several sections into ponytails that were flipped through and lightly pulled apart.  The beaded pearl accessory is actually a headband. We took off the ribbon and pinned it in place. It’s great to use jewelry in your hair.

Wedding mornings are always so much fun. It’s nice when we travel to the bride, as you can see, the bridesmaids are able to do other things, like makeup, while we do hair.  It takes stress out of the day when you don’t need to drive to the salon. The timing works out perfectly.  We figure out when you need to be finished with hair and work back from there.  We usually add another 1/2 hour just in case. It helps if everyone is there and ready to go.  Make sure that everyone has dry hair.  Pinterest and Instagram have about a million pictures of hairstyles to choose from.  It’s great to be done early so you can relax before getting into your dresses.

We can’t wait to see professional photos of Kristy in her dress!  I’m sure the wedding was so much fun. Best wishes Kristy!