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Silver Hair

Who wants silver hair? Well, alot of people!

The picture above is Christina’s client Cecelia! She has very dark hair naturally. Christina was able to lighten her hair and tone it with silver.

We were wondering when the silver, gray hair trend started! Well, I looked it up and it’s in Wikipedia!

It’s called the Granny Hair Trend! Also known as Granny Hair. I personally have never heard this term, and it doesn’t seem like a flattering name to give the silver locks that we are doing!

25-30 years ago, there was no gray hair color that you could buy. No one EVER asked me for silver gray hair! At the sight of one gray hair, we were covering it up!

Now there are so many silver choices!  Women, young and old, are now adding silver or gray streaks to their hair. Those who are blessed with naturally gray hair are embracing their sparkly highlights! There are amazing gray shampoos and conditioners that enhance the gray and make it bright and shiny!

The trend is attributed to fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier! In 2011 his Autumn/Winter fashion show featured models with gray beehives! In 2015 his fashion show in Paris showcased models all with gray, silver hair.

Ellie Goulding was seen in 2011 with platinum hair that was leaning toward gray. Kelly Osbourne was also wearing her hair gray in 2012.

Unfortunately, this is one of the hardest color services to do.  The hair must to lightened to the palest white. If the hair is even a little bit yellow or gold, the silver hair color can look green or have an odd blue cast to it.

It’s so sad to explain to someone who has dark, dark brown hair that this may be something that they may never be able to have. It’s especially difficult if someone has dark hair color on the ends of their hair to begin with.  The hair has to be lightened with lightener and sometimes that color just doesn’t want to lighten past a pale red or gold. Hair can be only lightened so much at one time before it loses all of it’s integrity and starts to break off.  It’s a long process and you need to do lots of treatments that will keep your hair healthy as the process goes along.









Get rid of your Gray Hair Troubles!

Gray Hair Troubles!

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Image result for gray hair

These gray haired beauties are perfect but not everyone is thrilled to see their first gray hair!  It can be very unsettling!  You wonder if this is just of the beginning of the spiral downward of more and more gray hairs everyday! Unfortunately, gray hair is just part of the process of getting older.  Thankfully, there are many ways to disguise or totally do away with the those pesky, sparkling white hairs if you’re not ready to gray gracefully!

Gray hair is the absence of color. The middle layer of the hair strand holds the melanin that determines what color your hair is. Over time this melanin, the pigmented cells die and will become a more transparent color, white or gray. Gray hair can be beautiful and with the right style it can be gorgeous!

You can turn gray at any age. It’s definitely an inherited trait.  Stress, disease and nutrition can play a role in the amount of gray you see and when.

If you’re not feeling like you’re ready to embrace the grays, there are many choices for covering them up!

Most gray hair can be wiry and crazy. You are very lucky if you have nice, smooth gray hair. Most of the time women like to get a body wave to bend the hair so the hair is controlled. Color processes also will make your gray strands alot more agreeable and smooth.

What ever you do “Don’t Pull Them Out”! It’s better to have gray hair than no hair.  Try to tuck them in or use a color cover stick until you can get to the salon!

There are lots of color options if you’d like to cover the gray. You can cover some of the gray with highlights, cover all the hair with permanent color or use a temporary color shampoo to blend them in.

Highlights blend the gray in,  not cover them totally and you won’t have a heavy line of regrowth. Semi permanent color covers the gray and gradually fades so the you don’t have to do color again or you can decide when you want to.

Permanent color does cover all the gray but in a month or so you will see ½ inch of regrowth and that will need touched up.

It’s best to talk with us about the options and what is best for your lifestyle. Don’t let those terrible grays get you down!

Root Touch Up Sprays

Root touch up sprays are great for the stubborn grays that can pop up when you have somewhere important to go! The two shown below are our favorites.

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Image result for loreal color sprays

You may not be scheduled for your next color treatment for another week but you have a big meeting or dinner party and don’t want to show off your sparkly gray hair. L’Oreal and several other companies are making temporary color fixes for those in between times.

There are a few different types of color cover ups. There are crayons, powder and now an aerosol spray. They normally come in a few colors to just blend in with your color. There is black, brown, blonde and red.

The color sticks are like a crayon and I feel like you really have to rub them to cover the hair. It sometimes help to wet the crayon because it seems to spread easier onto the hair.

The powder form is applied with a brush like eye-shadow.  I’ve heard some say that it doesn’t stay on well and can be clumpy.

I really like the aerosol the best. It’s really easy to use. You style your hair like you normally do and spray the color right along your part and anywhere else you see those grays. Usually it’s your part on the top of your head or in front of your ears if you pull your hair back.

Rita Hazan makes a great spray. It’s $25 for 2 ounces. I’ve used this before on a client and was amazed by the outcome. L’Oreal makes a very similar product $10 for 2 ounces in the same colors. I have several clients that will vouch for this product as well.

These products are only temporary and will shampoo out completely with your next style.

It’s best to make sure you shampoo out your root touch up sprays completely before you apply any color service. Either shampoo before your color appointment or let your hairdresser know they need to shampoo your hair first. I feel the color coverups can prevent your color from taking as well.