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We Heart Miracle Leave-In Spray!

February is the month for loving all that is worth loving!  We heart Miracle Leave-In Spray!

So the whole month of February, It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Spray is only $15!

This spray is the perfect match for every single and spoken for person! 🙂

This product should be on everyones menu of daily used products.  It’s best to apply to freshly shampooed and conditioned hair.  Towel dry your hair and then apply a few sprays of the Miracle Leave-In Spray.

The list of 10 things the spray will do instantly…..  It will DETANGLE your hair and that helps prevent BREAKAGE and SPLIT ENDS.  It will PROTECT your hair from the heat of the hairdryer and thermal irons. It REPAIRS damaged hair, ADDS SHINE, CONTROLS FRIZZ, SEALS and protects color, creates SILKINESS and ENHANCES natural body!

You don’t need to worry about using too much or using it too often.  The Miracle Spray is very light, it never feels heavy.  The more you use it the better your hair feels!

There are several different formulas. They all have panthenol, sunflower seed extract, green tea extract, and silk amino acids.  The spray smells amazing too!

Regular for normal hair

Keratin for hair that may be breaking

Blondes for toning brassiness and brightening highlights

Light for very fine hair

Silk  with hydrolyzed silk for extra softness


The spray is great in the winter for the static.  If after your hair is dry and you still feel little fly-aways,  spritz some in your hands and run through your hair.

The spray is great in the summer while you’re out lounging by the pool. It’s like a conditioning treatment with the help of the sun. We can just dream about how that feels right now!

We have to take our happiness where we can get it and the Miracle Spray will make you heart your hair everyday!