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Hair Conditioning Treatments

Hair Conditioning Treatments – Protein and Moisture.

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This time of the year our hair needs a little TLC!  The heat on in our houses can dry out our dry in addition to all of the styling and chemical processing that we do. Hair Conditioning treatments are a must!

It’s good to do weekly conditioning treatments. There are 2 different kinds of treatments. Protein and/or Moisture. Sometimes you need both but it needs to be a healthy balance.

Our favorite treatments both for moisture and protein are from It’s a 10! The Miracle Spray goes onto your hair before you comb through after your shampoo and conditioner. These are great also because you use a little everyday so the effects start to add up and get better over time. Sometimes it’s difficult to find 15 minutes to sit for the treatment.

Moroccan Oil makes an amazing Hydrating Mask for moisture.  This cream stays on for 15 minutes and is worth every second!

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Hair that needs protein is dry and brittle and breaks easily. Over highlighting hair and lots of sun damage can cause a loss of protein in the hair. Protein treatments can be left on for 15 min or can come in a form of a spray that stays on the hair. Protein treatments are only good to use for a short period of time. Once the hair has the proper amount of protein discontinue use. Too much protein can have the opposite effect and cause the hair to be too strong and can break. Healthy hair has a little give and take and stretches a little bit and not break.

Moisture is needed on hair that just feels overdone from styling and over-drying. It’s not breaking or split, just dry. Dry hair can have a lot of static too! Moisture treatments as well come as a leave in spray or cream that is left on about 15 minutes that will be rinsed out.