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Eyes Never Lie

Eyes! Eyes never lie! They can tell alot about a persons health and state of mind. The eyes are also the first place that will show signs of age because the skin is so thin. If you take good care of your eyes the benefits will go a long way! There are several small things you can do to stop the aging process!

Never pull or rub your eyes. Be very gentle and use your ring finger when touching your eyes so you don’t apply too much pressure.

Puffiness and dark circles are a big trouble.   Soak a tissue in cold tea or half and half and hold it under your eyes for a minute. Caffeine and milk are effective at shrinking puffiness and the cold will help shrink the swelling.  Always skip liner on your lower lashes because that will make the shadows more noticeable.

Under-eye wrinkles need moisturizer.  Moisturizer is your best friend for most eye problems.  These wrinkles will look more defined when they are dry. Some lines can be filled in by a plastic surgeon but for most of us a little moisturizers will do the trick. Take some to work with you to reapply during the day.

Dreaded crows-feet. Botox is the number one solver of this problem.  If your moisturizer isn’t doing a good job you may want to try botox. A doctor will inject the botox solution every 3 to 4 months.  A couple of injections to relax those muscles and they are gone for a bit.  ALWAYS wear sunglasses, summer and winter!  Squinting is the worst thing to do and is the major cause of crows feet.

Start taking good care of your eyes now and the benefits will last a long time. Eyes never lie, but you can fool people for a while!