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5 Things You Don’t Have to Do!

Happy New Year! I’m sure you have a long list of New Years resolutions of things you need to do. Hopefully you’re still sticking to them! We have 5 things you don’t have to do! 🙂

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It’s so nice to not have something more you have to do. These are things that you should stop doing! This will save you time and the health of your hair!

1.  Don’t shampoo every day! Try skipping a day! Most of the time your hair will be fine and eventually it will improve if you are not stripping healthy oils and nutrients from your stands. Try a great dry shampoo and you’ll never go back to shampooing every day again! We love the Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo.  It comes in 2 colors to match your hair.  Light and Dark!

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2. Don’t use too much heat on your hair. This is easy to do if your not shampooing every day! If you have to blow dry, use a low setting and skip the irons. Try not to do both. If you do need to use both dryer and iron,  try lowering the heat setting on both and use quickly.

3. Don’t use a brush on your wet hair. We’ve said a millions times how brushes on wet hair can cause breakage and frizz. Instead use a wide tooth comb and your hair will be stronger and grow better.

4. Don’t use hot water on your hair or skin. This is sure way to dry out your ends and cause static.

5. Don’t rub your hair too hard with your towel!  Just wrap your hair and then squeeze out the moisturize. Rubbing the towel can cause lots of damage and rough up the cuticle of the hair.

Taking away all of these things will save you time and will give you healthier hair over time! Try these “5 things you don’t have to do” and see what a difference it makes.