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Self Tanning Secrets

Here are some self tanning secrets! We all are a little nervous showing our white arms and legs this time of year! It would be nice to have a little color right away. It just makes your skin look better, you don’t notice all the little veins.  A client once told me that tan fat is better than white fat! Hahaha    This is St. Tropez Tanning Products and everyone seems to love them.
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It’s tempting to dive right in and use a self tanner. They can be tricky but if you have a few tips for the application process you will be so much better off.
It’s best to EXFOLIATE your skin first. Dry skin usually is in patches and can tan darker than smoother skin. It’s best to use a loofah or scrub all over your body first to get your skin as smooth as possible.
It’s best to have MOISTURIZED skin as well. If your skin is moisturized it will be smoother and will take the color more evenly. Use a great moisturizer all over your skin before applying the tanning product. Continue to use a moisturizer after your tan to get more days out of your color.
It’s best to apply the tanner in SECTIONS and really RUB it in. Rub until you think you’re done and rub it in some more.
Be careful around your knees, ankles and elbows, these areas are always dryer and take color a lot faster. Some say to add a little moisturizer to the tanning lotions when applying to these parts of your body.
Always make sure you WASH YOUR HANDS frequently in between sections of your body. In between your fingers can get pretty dark really fast. Use gloves if you have them. Apply tanner on your hands last. And rub, rub, rub.
It’s best to let the tanner dry really well. If you can forego clothing for a while it’s always best. Some directions say 20 minutes but an hour is really best.
Each self tanner is different so follow their directions. Some will say to wash after applying and some say don’t. Most of the time you layer the tan on, so you can get darker with every application.
Avoid using scrubs after applying your tanner. That will take off layers of color and your tan will fade quicker.
Always remember to use sunscreen when out in the sun. Even though you appear to have color you do not have any barrier for the suns rays.