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Perfect Eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows are only a few minutes a week away.

Start by seeing a professional eye brow groomer once a season. After your pro appointment once a week take a good look in the regular mirror and access which hairs need to go.  Don’t use a magnifying mirror, that can make you overdo the removal.  It’s best to tweeze just a few hairs that fall outside the brow line.  To determine where your eyebrows should stop and start, hold a pencil straight along your nostril for the beginning and then angle the pencil to the outer corner. Tweeze a few at a time and step back and look to make sure you’re not taking too many. Slanted tweezers are the best for home.

There are three professional hair removal techniques for perfect eyebrows.  First, tweezing removes one hair at a time.  This is great for defining and refining your original shape.  If you’re good at keeping up with them often this is the right choice for you.  Second is waxing. Waxing is great to get a perfect shape and removes many hairs at one time.  This is great if you’ve neglected your brows for a while.  Waxing gives a nice crisp line all at once too.  Last is Threading.  Threading is the right choice if your skin is easily irritated by waxing.  A technician twists cotton thread and rolls it over the hair to pull them out. You do need some regrowth of hair to try threading.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have nice full eyebrows, most ladies need to fill them in a bit.  A pencil works great if you have gaps in your line. Make short feathery strokes with the pencil.  A powder can make the hairs you have appear thicker and fuller.  If you have unruly hairs, a solid brow gel does the trick.  If you just need to sweep hairs into place, a soft brow mascara-like gel is best.  Perfect eyebrows are just a few tricks away.